The COVID 19 pandemic has changed the entire world and our personal life also. In this global emergency time, one thing that has been circulating in every news channel is “social distancing”. For consumers, maybe this is an inconvenience but this ultimately helps slow the spread of the virus. On the other hand, the business owners got a high impact and shuttering their doors.

Here are the tactics tips to adapt your business for social distancing!

Inform customers about social distancing:

Inform your customers about social distancing and try to adapt to that. Social distancing is the strategy designed to help slow the spread of COVID 19. The center for disease control (CDC) recommended that, if you go out in public, it’s important to stay at least six feet away from the people. Such as when you are going to buying groceries or receiving medical care, follow the above advice and avoid unnecessary travels.

Avoid physical contact:

The COVID 19 is the virus that is spread by touching, so avoid direct physical contact. This is the ultimate way to avoid the spreading of coronavirus. In outside, don’t give a handshake and hugs. Maintain social distancing from other peoples in your location.

Avoid large parties and events:

It is better to avoid large parties and events to save guard you from coronavirus. In India, from the past few weeks, section 144 is running, so maintain your social distancing and follow the government rules. Otherwise postponed the events.

Use delivery option:

Many countries are under 144 section, so many businesses are facing a huge problem like selling, delivery options are the great way to run your business (grocery, restaurants, medical delivery and etc..,). Deliver your groceries, foods, and medicines at your customer’s location.

Follow the virtual conversation:

Instead of face to face meetings, meet virtually. In most businesses, it’s not too difficult to replace a simple meeting with a video conference or a conference call.

Choose a platform based on meeting needs. If it’s a small committee meeting, Google Hangouts will fit the bill. If you need to host a webinar or large meeting, try Microsoft Teams Live Events or GoToWebinar. And if you need a virtual conference, check out ViewStub.

Flexible scheduling:

Use flexible scheduling concepts to avoid more peoples visit in your place. Most of the businesses are now following the scheduling rules and to avoid more present in one location.

Provide online service:

When it is possible to add your services in online means, try to add all your services and make your business simple. In recent day, every people need an online service to buy or sell their items and also getting services. 

Use digital money transaction:

We all know, the COVID 19 is spread by touching a person, place or an item. So, avoid maximum cash handling in your business and train your customers to use digital transaction services and be safe.

Use live stream:

Most of the businesses are need a customer interaction at every day that time the live streaming service is used to communicate with your customer at any time and resolve your customer’s problem at any point. Based on the customer’s count choose a streaming platform.

Remote work:

Most of the businesses like information technology (IT) using a remote work and allowed their employees to work from home. This is the best way to avoid coronavirus and manage their revenue rate.


Even if you aren’t a member of an at-risk population area, your participation in social distancing can save many life. You may not follow all of these strategies, but the more active and aware you are, the better.

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