A group of member stay in single location to attend or participate for single-purpose it may be an event/function/program/tour package. Are you planning a group stay or trip, meetings, marriage and any other sports events in chennai? So you need to look at a better hotel with the right location, right price, and best food. During your gathering trip, you might want to investigate your gathering elements in new manners, fortify your locale, or dive into a mutual premium. The requests you and your gathering place on your gathering trip are different and fluctuated – yet for us at Hotel Pandian Egmore chennai, they are the same old thing.

It doesn’t a matter what your need is:

  • Traveling with your family or group stay,
  • Going with companions and colleagues, arranging your single guy party, an end of the week with the young ladies,
  • Arranging a school outing or graduation trip,
  • Going on an investigation trip with a class gathering,
  • Making a trip with competitors to a preparation camp or to an opposition,
  • Booking a bowling visit or club/experience trip with individuals from a similar affiliation,
  • Weeding room booking,
  • Setting up an instructive, group building, or excursion for work with work associates, or
  • Meeting colleagues (conference) on location to design an arrangement.

Is it accurate to say that you are and your gathering showing up with your own transport? We have uplifting news for you: we offer free transport stopping for movement bunches at just a short distance away. Notwithstanding your appearance time – the gathering staff at your hotel pandian anticipates you nonstop for check-in.

Our neighborly staff anticipates helping you in arranging your recreation or investigation program, helping you book tickets for everything running from city touring visits and historical centers to musicals. Around evening time, we cheerfully welcome you to see a day stuffed with action to an end in our comfortable lodging bar and normal rooms.

Our rich breakfast buffet, which you can book as an alternative, has something for each taste. In the event that you likewise settle on our supper alternative, you can appreciate all dishes of our plate of mixed greens buffet.

We likewise offer loaves, sweets, and beverages for your gathering supper. It is safe to say that you are going with veggie lovers? Try not to stress, hotel pandian has them secured also. Basically indicate the quantity of veggie lovers going with your gathering during the booking procedure and we’ll try to get ready a lot of vegan nourishment too. Exploit the hotel pandian lunch offer: give us notification ahead of time or advise gathering one day ahead of time to demand the advantageous hotel pandian lunch bundles. We ensure your gathering is supplied with all the necessities for a wonderful and self-provided food lunch.

Is it accurate to say that you are searching for a fitting gathering space for your gathering? Our gathering and conference rooms are accessible to voyaging bunches gratis. Prefer to guarantee the accessibility of the room, for instance, to plan a talk, meeting, or amiable get-together?

We’ve recorded the number of accessible gathering rooms, just as their size and offices, on the web and arranged by city get genuine feelings of serenity and book your gathering meeting space ahead of time.

Feel free to contact us at any time!

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