Egmore, a bustling neighbourhood in the heart of Chennai, is a blend of historical charm and modern allure. With its rich heritage, vibrant culture, and myriad attractions, it has something for every traveller. 

If you’re planning a trip to Chennai and looking for the best places to visit in Egmore, coupled with a comfortable stay, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll explore the top attractions in Egmore and introduce you to Hotel Pandian, your perfect home away from home.

Welcome to Egmore, Chennai

Egmore is one of Chennai’s most significant areas, both historically and culturally. It houses some of the city’s most notable landmarks, museums, and cultural centers.

Here’s a look at some of the must-visit places in Egmore:

1. Government Museum, Chennai

The Government Museum in Egmore, also known as the Madras Museum, is one of the oldest and most renowned museums in India. Established in 1851, this museum is a treasure trove of art, archaeology, anthropology, and natural history. 

It boasts an impressive collection of artifacts, including ancient sculptures, bronzes, and a vast array of South Indian crafts.

The museum is divided into several sections, including:

  • Archaeology: Featuring an impressive collection of South Indian bronzes, ancient sculptures, and artifacts from the Chola, Vijayanagar, and Hoysala periods.
  • Art: Housing traditional Indian paintings, Tanjore art, and a gallery dedicated to contemporary art.
  • Anthropology: Exhibits showcasing tribal life, culture, and customs, including traditional jewellery, weapons, and tools.

Natural History: Displays of stuffed animals, taxidermy specimens, and detailed dioramas of ecosystems.

Best Places to Visit in Egmore Chennai

2. National Art Gallery

Located within the premises of the Government Museum, the National Art Gallery is a haven for art enthusiasts. 

The gallery showcases a remarkable collection of traditional and modern Indian art, featuring works by renowned artists. The building itself, with its Indo-Saracenic architecture, is a visual delight.

Housed in a stunning Indo-Saracenic building, the gallery features an impressive collection of paintings, including:

  • Tanjore Paintings: Intricate and colourful paintings known for their rich depiction of Hindu mythology.
  • Modern Indian Art: Works by renowned Indian artists, providing a glimpse into contemporary art trends.
  • European Art: A selection of European paintings, offering a diverse artistic experience.

3. Connemara Public Library

Adjacent to the Government Museum, the Connemara Public Library is a literary paradise. Established in 1896, it is one of the four National Depository Libraries in India, receiving copies of all books, newspapers, and periodicals published in the country. 

The library’s majestic architecture and vast collection of books make it a must-visit for bibliophiles.

Highlights include:

  • Rare Manuscripts: A vast collection of rare and ancient manuscripts.
  • Spacious Reading Rooms: Elegant reading rooms with extensive collections in various genres.
  • Architectural Marvel: The library’s architecture, featuring stained glass windows and high ceilings, is a sight to behold.

4. Egmore Railway Station

A historic landmark, Egmore Railway Station is not just a transit point but a testament to Chennai’s colonial past. 

Opened in 1908, the station’s architecture is a blend of Dravidian and Gothic styles. It’s worth a visit to admire its design and experience the hustle and bustle of Chennai’s railway network.

Visitors can admire:

  • Architectural Design: The intricate design and structural elegance.
  • Bustling Activity: The vibrant atmosphere, offering a glimpse into Chennai’s dynamic life.

5. St. Andrew’s Church (The Kirk)

St. Andrew’s Church, fondly known as The Kirk, is one of the oldest and most beautiful churches in Chennai. 

Built in 1821, this Scottish Presbyterian church is known for its stunning architecture, including a magnificent dome and exquisite stained glass windows. The serene ambiance makes it a perfect spot for reflection and tranquility.

Key features include:

  • Magnificent Dome: A grand dome that dominates the church’s structure.
  • Stained Glass Windows: Exquisite stained glass windows depicting biblical scenes.
  • Peaceful Atmosphere: A perfect spot for quiet reflection and spiritual solace.

Best Places to Visit in Egmore Chennai

6. Valluvar Kottam

A short drive from Egmore, Valluvar Kottam is a monument dedicated to the classical Tamil poet and philosopher Thiruvalluvar. The monument features:

  • Giant Chariot: A 39-meter high chariot-like structure inspired by the temple chariots of Tamil Nadu.
  • Kural Manuscripts: The entire text of Thirukkural inscribed on granite pillars.
  • Serene Surroundings: A peaceful environment perfect for leisurely strolls.

7. Marina Beach

While not directly in Egmore, Marina Beach is only a short drive away and is one of Chennai’s most iconic landmarks. 

Stretching over 13 kilometers, it is the longest urban beach in India and the second-longest in the world. Visitors can enjoy:

  • Scenic Views: Stunning sunrise and sunset views.
  • Beach Activities: Strolling, flying kites, and enjoying local street food.
  • Monuments: Statues and memorials along the promenade, including the MGR Memorial and Anna Memorial.

8. Fort St. George

Fort St. George, the first English fortress in India, is another historical site not far from Egmore. 

Built in 1644, it now serves as the Tamil Nadu legislative assembly and is home to several interesting sites:

  • St. Mary’s Church: The oldest Anglican church in India.
  • Fort Museum: Exhibiting colonial artifacts, paintings, and historical documents.
  • Wellesley House: Named after the Duke of Wellington, showcasing military memorabili

9. Kapaleeshwarar Temple

Located in Mylapore, a short drive from Egmore, Kapaleeshwarar Temple is a magnificent example of Dravidian architecture. This Hindu temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and features:

  • Intricate Gopurams: The temple’s towering gateways adorned with detailed sculptures.
  • Sacred Tank: A large temple tank where rituals are performed.
  • Cultural Vibrance: Frequent festivals and cultural events offering a glimpse into local traditions.

10. Santhome Basilica

Santhome Basilica, built over the tomb of St. Thomas the Apostle, is another significant religious site near Egmore. 

This neo-Gothic structure offers:

  • Historical Significance: One of the few churches in the world built over the tomb of an apostle.
  • Architectural Beauty: Stunning stained glass windows and a high vaulted ceiling.
  • Museum: A small museum displaying artifacts related to St. Thomas.

11. Anna Nagar Tower Park

For those looking for a peaceful retreat, Anna Nagar Tower Park is a great option. Located a bit further from Egmore, this park offers:

  • Green Spaces: Lush gardens and open spaces for relaxation.
  • Tower View: A tall observation tower providing panoramic views of the city.
  • Recreational Activities: Walking trails, playgrounds, and boating.

Best Places to Visit in Egmore Chennai

12. Vivekanandar Illam

Vivekanandar Illam, also known as the Ice House, is a historic landmark where Swami Vivekananda stayed during his visit to Chennai. It offers:

  • Historical Exhibits: Displays related to Swami Vivekananda’s life and teachings.
  • Architectural Marvel: The unique round structure built in the 19th century.
  • Spiritual Atmosphere: A place for reflection and learning about Indian philosophy.

13. Semmozhi Poonga

Located a short drive from Egmore, Semmozhi Poonga is a botanical garden and urban park that offers:

  • Lush Greenery: Beautifully landscaped gardens with a variety of plant species.
  • Walking Paths: Well-maintained paths perfect for leisurely walks and jogging.
  • Water Features: Serene water bodies and fountains adding to the park’s charm.
  • Play Areas: Designated areas for children to play and enjoy.

14. Haddows Road Park

Haddows Road Park, located in Nungambakkam, is a peaceful spot ideal for relaxation and recreation. 

It features:

  • Green Spaces: Plenty of open green areas for picnics and relaxation.
  • Walking Tracks: Paved tracks for walking, jogging, and cycling.
  • Children’s Play Area: A dedicated area with play equipment for kids.
  • Fitness Equipment: Outdoor fitness equipment for exercise enthusiasts.

Haddows Road Park

15. Nageshwara Rao Park

Situated in Mylapore, Nageshwara Rao Park is another lovely park close to Egmore. Known for its serene environment, it offers:

  • Beautiful Gardens: Well-maintained gardens with a variety of flowers and plants.
  • Walking and Jogging Paths: Perfect for morning or evening strolls.
  • Children’s Play Area: Equipped with swings, slides, and other play structures.
  • Cultural Events: Occasionally hosts cultural events and music performances.

16. Enjoy Egmore’s Culinary Delights

Egmore is also a food lover’s paradise, offering a wide range of culinary experiences. From traditional South Indian eateries to modern cafes and fine dining restaurants, there’s something for every palate. Don’t miss:

  • Murugan Idli Shop: Famous for its fluffy idlis and delicious chutneys.
  • Mathura Restaurant: Offering authentic South Indian thalis.
  • Cream Centre: Known for its North Indian cuisine and mouth-watering chaat.
  • Ponnusamy Hotel: Famous for its Chettinad cuisine, offering a variety of spicy and flavorful dishes.
  • Saravana Bhavan: Renowned for its South Indian vegetarian fare, including dosas, idlis, and thalis.
  • Madras Coffee House: A cozy spot to enjoy authentic South Indian coffee and snacks.

17. Police Museum in Egmore, Chennai

Located in the heart of Egmore, the Police Museum is housed in a historic building that was once the office of the Commissioner of Police. 

The museum was established to preserve and display the rich heritage of the Tamil Nadu Police, offering visitors a rare opportunity to delve into the past and understand the advancements in policing techniques and technology over the years.

18. Exhibits and Collections

The Police Museum boasts an impressive collection of exhibits that highlight various aspects of policing. 

Some of the key attractions include:

  • Historical Artifacts: The museum displays an array of artifacts, including old uniforms, badges, medals, and equipment used by the police force throughout history.
  • Weapons Gallery: A fascinating collection of weapons, from antique firearms and swords to modern-day firearms, showcases the evolution of police weaponry.
  • Photographs and Documents: Archival photographs and documents provide a visual narrative of the police force’s journey, highlighting significant events and milestones.
  • Crime Investigation Tools: Exhibits featuring crime investigation tools and forensic equipment demonstrate the advancements in crime-solving techniques.
  • Police Vehicles: The museum also showcases a range of police vehicles, from vintage patrol cars to modern-day motorcycles, offering a glimpse into the transportation used by the force over the decades.

egmore police museum chennai

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Best Hotels in Egmore Chennai

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